Best Things To Do in Tasmania this Spring

Spring is a magical time of year to visit Tasmania and signals the start of the mean tourism season in Tasmania that starts in October and runs to around Easter. If you are planning a trip for next spring in Tasmania then here are a few suggestions from us for things to do.

Raft the Franklin River

Rafting season on the Franklin River starts in October and runs through to April. The spring months on the river tend to be quite interesting with snow melt from the high plains around Lake St Clair creating higher water levels and more exciting rapids. On the lower sections of the river you can often see a huge array of bird species including the huge Sea Eagles that nest high up above the river. If you are looking for a company to go down the ditch with check out Tasmanian Expeditions or Franklin River Rafting.

Explore the new trails

During winter the local trail fairies get to work building new trails and upgrading old ones. Recently we have seen some amazing tracks and new trail networks pop up from the new Blue Derby trails in North East Tasmania to the amazing Clarence and Meehan Range trail networks. If you really want a challenge make sure to sign up for the Meehan Monster race happening on the 25th of October.

Explore Maria Island

Maria Island off the East Coast of Tasmania is a virtually untouched national park with heaps to see and do. The Island has no motorised vehicles so the only way to get around is on foot or by bike which you can hire or bring your own. There is also very little accommodation on Maria Island so if you plan to stay overnight or for a few days then best bring a tent. The easiest way to get to Maria Island is by the ferry which runs multiple times a day between Triabunna and Maria Island.

Bloomin’ Tulips Festival

The Bloomin’ Tulips Festival is a one day event happening on the 10th of October and celebrates the vibrant colours of the tulips that grow throughout the region around Table Cape. The festival features everything from art, music and great food to more interesting events like a colour run along the beach.

Walk the Three Capes Track

The new Three Capes track on the Tasman Peninsula opens in November 2015 and is set to become one of the most popular and spectacular walks in Australia. The walk is a multi-day 46km trek taking in Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy along the huge dolerite cliffs that tower above the water. The walk also uses huts and dedicated camp sites for accommodation that include mattresses which also means you can make the trip with a lot less gear.

Explore Bruny Island

Bruny Island is always a popular destination all year round but spring is a great time to visit with slightly cooler weather and some great sunsets. Spring is also breeding season for marine life such as whales and fur seals with Bruny Island attracting both. Last year whales were spotted almost daily in Adventure Bay and you can also take a boat cruise that will take you around the cliffs and to the seal colonies.

Wine Tasting in the Tamar Valley

The Tamar valley is one of Tasmania’s largest and best known wine producing regions with a number of large wineries including Jansz and Josef Chromey Wines being based in the region. Many of the wineries offer tours as well as cellar doors and tastings so you can easily try a great variety of our local wines. There are also a number of bus tours from Launceston if you feel like getting a little tipsy over the day.

Road Trip on the East Coast

The East Coast has some of the best driving in Australia with the coastal roads providing some spectacular views. Driving from Hobart north you get to take in some amazing spots including Freycinet National Park and Coles Bay. Further north at St Helens you can explore the amazing Bay of Fires and see the famous red and orange lichen covered rocks. The beaches are also perfect for swimming though maybe wait till November if you don’t want a cold shock.

Visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are some of the oldest in Australia and contain a wealth of Tasmanian horticultural heritage. During spring many parts of the gardens come to life with many parts of the garden coming into bloom. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of gardening or gardens this is a great spot to take a picnic or just relax in the spring sun.

Visit the West Coast

The West Coast is an awesome road trip to make from Hobart taking you over the high planes along the Lyell Highway to Queenstown and Strahan. If the drive doesn’t wow you then make sure to take a cruise on Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River which is absolutely stunning to see. You can also jump on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and explore the forrest up close in a restored steam train.