Let the Child Face the Reality

Compared to our instances, our kids are more techno savvy. They recognise a way to function remote managed toys and home equipment. They recognise how to surf on the internet and down load their favored video games and music. And they do not sense something else is as vital as getting hooked to their social networking internet site.

Media and technology publicity on the lifestyles of youngsters is pretty excessive. Family gatherings are passé. Physical reunions of pals are dropping their visibility. The new fashion is sending MMS and SMS or at the maximum chatting on net and sharing images therein.

In a manner it saves masses of time and money to tour all the way down to a person you like and meet. But study the turn facet of the coin. Today’s era is losing out on many stuff and could have to face the consequences when they might be on their very own and there could be hardly anybody to lend a supporting hand.

• Firstly fitness issues may stand up if the child prefers video games and T.V. Over sports activities and physical sports. Obesity and diabetes are such names which no person wants to include.

• Second problem arises in the shape of communique competencies. The verbal conversation and physical interaction are necessary to become an active a part of society. In their absence the child is probably to have loss of confidence and self-esteem when he faces the actual world.

• Social gatherings are a pleasing platform to educate social etiquette and manners to youngsters. Avoidance of such events drifts the child faraway from the possibilities to study and imbibe critical human and social values.

• Cut throat competitions are the fact. The children are oblivious of the reality that their mother and father will no longer be able to serve a seat in an amazing institute or a job in the plate.

• Many real existence troubles like poverty, starvation, lack of basic services and deprivation are not understood through the youngsters living amidst luxuries. They won’t recognize the fee of money, food or different services that are liberally showered upon them on their desks.