J Matthew Neal, Author of “Specific Gravity”

Dr. J. Matthew Neal become born in Muncie, Indiana, in which he has resided a whole lot of his lifestyles. Although he has been a medical author for decades, “Specific Gravity” is his first novel. As a health practitioner and residency software director, he has located lots of notion in the scientific subject for his fiction.

Tyler: Welcome, Matt. Thank you for becoming a member of me these days. To begin, I apprehend “Specific Gravity” is a thriller with Dr. Alexander (Alex) Darkkin as its primary individual. Will you tell us a little bit about Alex and why you believe you studied readers will discover him to be an attractive person?

Matt: Alex is a complicated man with plenty of issues, and at first probable won’t seem likeable to readers in any respect. He’s a remarkable cancer professional who has also created his own clinical software program agency. He’s handsome, clever, and has money-but is likewise an obnoxious, womanizing alcoholic who’s unhappy with his superficial existence and self-destructing relationships. He’s attempted remedy, AA, and faith, none of which seem to be running.

But he has a deeper side that he would not yet realize, and much of the story revolves round his self-mirrored image and realization that he can do tons to assist those other than himself. He just desires a special character to expose him the way.

Tyler: Is Alex haunted by demons that led him to womanizing and alcoholism? Would you tell us a touch bit approximately his past before the e book begins?

Matt: Alex felt he didn’t have a excellent paternal position version; his father Conrad changed into an alcoholic who cheated on Alex’s mother on severa events. His sister left town after excessive college and advanced a relationship with a ordinary, “surrogate” own family (the Mendozas); in the meantime Alex stayed pretty near domestic, and lives in Nashville. He by no means saw his dad and mom in a loving marriage, and as a end result, reveals it hard to have interaction in prolonged relationships. Despite seeming conceited, he virtually suffers from low self-esteem and depression, and this has resulted in dependence on alcohol and frequent one-night stands.